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How to

Personalised Labels

We have an amazing set up here at True Brew to make sure you get exactly what you want with the highest quality labels.

Lachy is our label master and he can design any shape, colour and size label you like. Once you have approved your design we then use our professional sign writing printer/cutter to print and cut your labels onto a water proof label, meaning they won’t come off in a bucket of ice or even the dishwasher.

Step 1: E-mail with either an image you would like on the label or an image you would like the label to look like. He will also need the wording you would like on the label. E.g. Dazza’s Brew – 24/07/14 – “Here’s to good times”

Step2: We will get back to you within 2 business day with a design for you to have a look at. This will be your draft where you can decide if you like it, want to make some change or go with a completely different design all together.

Step3: Once approved, we will print the labels in the next 2 business days ready for you to come in and label up your brew.

Easy as that!

Watch a short video on how we create your own label