True Brew


Step 1 – Choose your favourite beer

Once you have arrived, it’s time to pick your favourite style of beer out of our list of over 200. This is the hardest step in the process as we have so many great beers including similar recipes to world class beers such as Corona, Heineken, Guinness and Asahi. Click Here to view our beer list.

Here are just 5 examples out of 200 different styles of beer you have to choose from.

ginger-and-glass forest-and-glass pale-ale-with-glass E.S.B-with-glass scottish-ale-with-glass








Step 2 – Gather your fresh ingredients.

You will then receive a recipe sheet that will spell out the amount and type of ingredients needed to make your favourite beer. Once our experienced staff have assisted you in collecting your ingredients the brew begins…

Step 3 – Brew your true brew.

After following your brewers guide your beer will be brewed and ready to ferment in 1 hour. As each ingredient is added at different stages we have a pool table, dart board, Fox sports and a beer garden to heighten your True Brew experience!

Step 4 – Sit back and relax.

Your beer is now in the safe hands of True Brews experienced staff. We have 100 square meters of cool room space to ensure that your beer is perfectly fermented and ready to be enjoyed as quickly as possible. The majority of our beers will be ready to be bottled 2 weeks after your brew, however some heavier styles of beer, such as stouts and porters, can take up to 4 weeks.

Step 5 – Time to enjoy.

At your appointed time, you will return to True Brew to transfer your finished beer into bottles, or you can even hire a kegerator for those special occasions. Bottling takes approximately an hour and you can provide your own bottles or purchase our high quality 330ml beer bottles that can be reused as many times as you like. We have a commercial grade bottle steriliser to ensure that your beer remains clean and crisp once bottled. You’ll love our brand new bottle cappers that make capping a dream.